What size material can you mulch?

The rubber-tracked loader is most efficient up to 6 inches with most materials. The excavator, or "brontosaurus", works best with material under 14 inches. As you can see from our job photos, our brontosaurus can effectively process larger material when necessary and grind the stump flush with the ground surface making it safe for both animals and people.

What does it cost for this type of service?

It depends primarily on three factors: Type and density of vegetation, topography and terrain, and also how many trees or specimen plants are to remain. There are also other factors that can affect the overall cost which we can discuss with you.

What geographic area do you cover?

We primarily stay within 200 miles of our base in Santa Cruz, CA. If your project is outside of that area, we'd be happy to talk with you regarding the specifics of the job and determine if it's something that makes sense for everyone.

What kind of follow up treatment is necessary?

It varies greatly from site to site and also what your final objective is. We have experience in a wide variety of sites and also work alongside with the necessary professionals when the site demands such expertise.

How much experience do you have?

The owner and operator has well over 4,000 hours of machine time in the vegetation mastication arena alone. Experience in the construction and agriculture professions began in 1995 after completing a bachelors degree in Ag Business from Cal Poly.

Does this type of work require permits?

That depends upon many factors. We are experienced in the permit procedure and can assist you through the process once it is determined if a permit is required.

What other services can you provide while you're on our property?

The machines are equipped to allow for quick tool changes. We can convert from a mulching head to a bucket or grapple in just a matter of minutes. Excavation, grading, stump grinding, post-hole drilling and job site clean up are just a few of the additional services we can provide. Our experience in construction and excavation ranges from road improvements to excavations for 15,000 square foot residences.

What access space is required to perform this type of work?

This is a very common question with many different answers depending upon your site. Many times a visit to the site is required to determine the best and lowest impact solution.