Experience in a wide variety of ecosystems and environments is something that should not be overlooked. We have extensive experience ranging from coastal chaparral habitats to conifer forests at 8,000 feet in elevation. Each is unique in their own way and require different approaches to impact the surrounding environment as little as possible.

Central Coast Land Clearing is equipped and experienced to handle smaller homeowner projects as well as larger and more technical municipal and commercial projects. We have performed services for utility providers re-establishing access routes to allow for their system maintenance. We have also developed positive long lasting relationships with land conservation groups assisting them in achieving their long term land management goals.

The capability of working within a tight time constraint as a sub-contractor is important, and we understand the impact our schedule can have on a sub-contractor following behind us. We enjoy working along with professional arborists and foresters and are able to adhere to their detail specific job guidelines.

Types of projects we have completed:

  • Hazardous Fuel Reduction
    • Roadside Clearing
    • Defensible Space
    • Weed Abatement
  • Exotic/Non-Native Species Control
  • Rangeland & Wildlife Restoration
  • Utility/ROW Clearing
  • Riding and Hiking Trails
  • Survey and Fence Line Clearing
  • Parcel Clean-Up and Nuisance Reduction

Exotic species mowing.

Exotic species mowing.

Fence line clearing.

Fence line clearing.

Invasive species clearing.

Invasives removed.

Building site clearing.

Residential hazardous fuel reduction.

Conifer thinning.

Forest improvement.

Habitat restoration.

Site clean-up & refuse disposal.

Roadside clearing in heavy vegetation.

Roadside mowing in heavy vegetation.

Roadside mowing.

Roadside mowing.